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Whitworth Skyline 4 In Pictures

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Whitworth Skyline 4 In Pictures

Whitworth Skyline 4 In Pictures

So Whitworth Skyline 4 has been and gone, another successful event that brought the community together, to experience and enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful Lancashire countryside.

We published a post earlier this month about Whitworth Skyline. A hiking event that takes place each year and aims to bring local residents together and experience the outdoors in a fun, family friendly environment.

While we didn’t have an official representative of Whitworth Online at the event, we have been told by local residents that the event was a huge success.

Local resident Chris Simms was kind enough to share with us some pictures of the day, his photography is used throughout this post and we’d like to thank Chris for taking the time to upload and submit the pictures to Whitworth Online, for the benefit of our reader base.


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