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Whitworth Sex Offender Sectioned


Whitworth Sex Offender Sectioned

Whitworth Resident Dayle Smith (22) Has Been Sectioned After Being Caught With Over 2,400 Indecent Images of Children.

Dayle Smith of Market Street Shawforth has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act, after being caught with over 2,400 indecent images of children.

Mr Smith was already a registered sex offender convicted of possessing indecent images. Due to his past convictions, he was made to sign the sex offenders register and put on a sexual harm prevention order.

As part of the sexual harm prevention order, officers attended his home on 29th July 2016 to check his electronic devices. While at the property officers found discussions between Mr Smith and what appeared to be underage girls, on his tablet device. When officers asked to view his phone, Dayle stated that he had thrown it away, police were able to retrieve Mr Smith’s phone and found indecent images and videos on the device.

Prosecutors said that Mr Smith had 272 category A images – the most serious – 227 category B images and 1,940 category C images along with 13 videos with six of category A.

Mr Smith’s solicitor told the court that his client had a very low IQ and learning difficulties.¬†Dale told the court that he felt sick looking at the images but he couldn’t help it as the voices told him to do it.

As a result, the decision was made to section Mr Smith, so he could receive help for his mental health problems.


We have received correspondence today, from a local, female, Whitworth resident. The resident in question asked us to take down this article, claiming that Dayle Smith was not a paedophile and threatened to take legal action against the publication.

Whitworth Online believe that Mr Dayle Smith (22) of Shawforth was convicted and registered as a sex offender for possessing indecent images of children. This information is accurate, therefore the article will not be removed.

What I have done is remove the controversial word ‘paedophile’ which the complainant seemed to be so offended by and apologise on behalf of the publication if that word was inaccurate to describe someone with a conviction of possessing indecent images of children.

Again, until we receive notice from a court, this article will remain (with re-wording) as we believe it to be factual information.

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