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Whitworth Online Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2017

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Whitworth Online Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2017

Whitworth Online Christmas Shoebox Appeal | Helping Make Christmas A Little More Bearable For The Homeless

Christmas is a challenging time for the homeless, not only is it emotionally difficult being separated from loved ones and family members, it can be physically challenging as the homeless have to endure the freezing cold weather as they spend sleepless nights on the street.

Britain is facing a housing crisis, 180,000 people are thought to be living on the streets in the UK alone. This number is thought to be rather conservative and does not take into account the people living in hostels, temporary accommodation or those who are ‘sofa surfing’.

While many of us will be spending Christmas with our family members or those closest to us, for thousands of Britians homeless, Christmas will not be such a joyful time. Whitworth Online have decided to launch a new campaign called The Christmas Shoebox Appeal, the aim of this is to put together a shoebox with essential items and treats for the homeless, which will then be distributed by homeless charities working in the Rochdale area.

Whitworth Online has decided to work with Petrus and Angie’s Angels this year, these are two homeless charities that work directly with the homeless and will be distrubuting the boxes made by local residents, direct to the homeless.

What Should I Include In The Shoebox?

Most things can be included in a shoebox, here are some ideas:




Stamped Envelope




Gifts & Goodies



Christmas Card

Blank Christmas Card





If you’re feeling extra generous why not do a male and female shoebox?

Sanitary towels are always useful for ladies who are homeless! Don’t forget to wrap your shoebox with Christmas paper 🙂

What Should I Not Include In The Shoebox?

While we’re grateful to each and every resident who decided to take part and make a shoebox there are some items we can not accept. We would ask that people do not include perishable foods, alcohol or sweets/chocolate containing alcohol, mouthwash that contains alcohol or any large or bulky items.

For health and hygiene reasons we’ve been asked not to include any second-hand teddys, duvets, pillows or large items.

Where Can I Drop My Box Off?

The current drop off point(s) for shoeboxes is:

The Riverside
Whitworth Civic Hall
Market Street
OL12 8DP

If you’re housebound or work long hours and that drop off point is too difficult for you, please email: to arrange a home collection.

When Does My Shoebox Have To Be Done By?

All shoeboxes must be handed in by Monday 18th December 2017 any shoeboxes handed in after this time will have to be refused.

Further Details

If you require any further information about our Christmas Shoebox Appeal, please email

We do have some large hamper sized cardboard boxes spare, these will be given on a first come first served basis, these are larger than a shoebox and will be donated directly to the charity, so if you have a few sets of hats, socks, gloves or large boxes of chocolates etc, you may want to consider doing a hamper instead.


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