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How To Make The Most of Whitworth’s Bumper Blackberries

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How To Make The Most of Whitworth’s Bumper Blackberries

How To Make The Most of Whitworth’s Bumper Blackberries

I think it’s fair to say the Whitworth summer has been a bit disappointing so far – but it seems to have been the perfect conditions for the bumper blackberry season.

Over the last week or so out on my strolls there seems to be plenty of blackberries about, especially in Spodden Valley going towards the river (and even a mighty tangle of brambles near the bus stop at the bottom of Tonacliffe Road).

My dog is especially fond of them when they’re ripe, which is rather strange, I’ve never known a dog to eat blackberries before, but if there’s any about, she’ll snuffle them out…

But what I have noticed over the last few years is the amounts that go unpicked, despite them being a so-called ‘superfood’ full of antioxidants (and they’re free!)  Why is this? Is it because we’ve become so time-poor? Or maybe we just don’t know what to do with them, having long forgotten granny’s apple and blackberry pie recipe?

But you don’t need lots of time to make the most of out of this little purple super fruit.  So if you’ve gone out picking and you don’t have enough for a pie let alone a jar of jam, here are some ideas that are quick and easy – and don’t forget, blackberries count as one of those all-important 5-a-day!

Blackberries and Ice-Cream

My mum’s favourite super-quick dessert – put a few blackberries in a microwaveable container with a sprinkling of sugar, microwave for about 15 seconds, and then add to vanilla ice cream.

Blackberry Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are my new favourite breakfast – you can find recipes for these all over Pinterest (and for the non-social media types, it’s basically oats soaked in milk and/or yoghurt overnight).  This recipe from Leah’s Plate is easy and simple, and the blackberries are blended, especially good if you don’t like the texture of blackberry seeds.

However, the one I’ll definitely be trying is this boozy Blackberry Mint Julep from MissInTheKitchen – I reckon this could definitely make the approaching autumn evenings more appealing.

Suzanne Ross

A Whitworth resident for 10 years, during the week I work in Manchester but come rain or shine at the weekends I enjoy getting out and about and enjoying our beautiful landscape.


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