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Improvements to Whitworth Online

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Improvements to Whitworth Online

Whitworth Online Is Making Some Changes

Whitworth Online started operating in May 2017; four months on, we have grown to have a user base of over 400 local residents. Month on month, Whitworth Online continues to grow.

The local community has really got behind our publication and we will be forever grateful for the help and support our reader base has shown. With this rapid growth, we have taken the time to step back and review how we operate and have decided to make some vital changes to the publication.

Below we have outlined the changes that we are going to make; we strongly believe that these changes benefit the local community and will further promote our long term goals and growth.

Whitworth Events

We want Whitworth Online to be the “go to publication” for all news, events and information relating to Whitworth.

There are often a lot of activities taking place in Whitworth, however, these activities often go under the radar and are not promoted very well. As such we have created an EVENTS section on our website. This will display a monthly calendar, which lists all the activities going on in Whitworth.

We will publish any and all events, free of charge, that we can find via news sources and other publications.

We will also be publishing the events on our FaceBook Page to further promote these activities and events.

YouTube Videos

Most of our readers are unaware that Whitworth Online has a YouTube Channel. This social media account has been unused since its creation back in May. We want to change this; as such, we’ve put a plan of action into place to ensure the growth of the channel.

Each month we will be making a YouTube video that covers all the main news stories, information and events within the local area. We will also try to cover as many events via video.

We are desperate for volunteers to help with; filming, hosting, editing and photography. If you’d like to get involved please email


Whitworth Online has always struggled with financing. Since the start of our publication, the entire project has been funded by the founder of Whitworth Online, Richard McKeag.

We did start a crowd funding campaign, however, this didn’t take off and we only received one donation from an anonymous source.

Whitworth Online costs a lot of money to run, initially, the aim was to make Whitworth Online a not for profit, community organisation. After several months of operation, it has become clear that running this project as a not for profit community initiative, is not going to be possible.

Going forward Whitworth Online will be removing the crowd funding campaign, we will generate profits from businesses who wish to donate, advertise and promote their services on Whitworth Online.

Our new events calendar has the ability to have highlighted and featured events which we will sell for a donation to the publication.

Our new YouTube channel also gives room for local businesses to advertise and sponsor our videos.

We will also have a deals/offers tab on our FaceBook page, where for a donation, local businesses can promote or advertise their deals/offers on our website.

We are hoping that these new initiatives will help fund and secure the future success of Whitworth Online.


We’re in desperate need of volunteers, would you like to write for Whitworth Online? Would you like to be on camera or film one of our new monthly videos?
Whatever your skills are, consider volunteering as much or as little time as you can to Whitworth Online.
If you’d like to get involved please email:



Richard is a Digital Marketer by trade, specialising in website design and SEO. Richard's online handle is Rickeo, an aspiring journalist with a passion for politics, major world news, technology and social activism.


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