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Could Fracking Be Coming to Whitworth?

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Could Fracking Be Coming to Whitworth?

Fracking Company Representative Seen Knocking on Local Farms in Whitworth.

During my usual FaceBook round yesterday, I came across a rather interesting and unusual post.

A gentleman had posted in an anti fracking group; the following message:

Hi all,

Bad news – looks like one of the fracking companies has their eye on Rochdale. I was at PNR on Monday and I spoke to a guy from Whitworth who said a 

fracking company (didn’t say which) had been knocking door to door on the farms in the area…

Don’t think anything public has happened yet (eg seeking planning permission), but perhaps we need to start planning our response early?

PS – new to this group, and not from Rochdale – I’m from Failsworth.


Currently, there’s no solid evidence or proof that this information is accurate. What we do know for sure is that Whitworth has long been marked as a potential area for a fracking rig.

We reported back in June, how Whitworth was reported to be sitting on top of billions worth of shale rock. Taking into account this information, it does not seem unreasonable that a fracking company representative could be doing their rounds, scouting potential sites and talking to local farmers.

It is not unusual for fracking companies to do this and to offer money to local farmers for their cooperation.

Regardless, there is still no solid evidence outside of rumour, we can only hope that this is not the case and that Whitworth remains frack free.


Are you a local farmer in Whitworth? Have you been approached by a fracking company? Please let Whitworth Online know via email:, we’d love to hear from you!

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